Monday, October 11, 2010

Momentum Tulsa - Photography

This weekend was the Momentum art show in Tulsa. My cousin Elizabeth went with me and we had a great time viewing the different types of work that was there. The exhibition will stay at Living Arts until October 23rd. If you're in Tulsa, you need to go by and view the art! You will love it!

Here are the photographs that are at the art show.

"The Wall"
This photograph was taken in Roff, Oklahoma. This lawn chair was sitting in this space where a building had once been. I don't know for sure who placed this chair there. Above the wall, I guess growing on the top of the next building are vines.

"Long Ago"
Driving down a county road one day, I looked to my left and I found this abandoned old school bus. This school bus leaves a lot of questions that are left unanswered. Right beside the bus is a cellar. The bus and cellar are objects left out near a grove of trees.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn is Upon Us

Yesterday morning I made a skillet full of cornbread and my mom made a pot full of pinto beans. We welcomed Fall with a homemade warm meal. We had reruns(that's what we call leftovers) today. I got my chili out of the freezer and made the best meal ever, chili beans.
My chili recipe is Emeril's Chili. I have made this recipe mine, I usually half the recipe so I only use half as much ingredients and it turns out just great!

Going Down the Road

Digital Photography School had a great idea, mirrored self portraits. I decided to do it down an empty county road.