Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge - Pets

This is my dog Talulah. She's my best friend!

When my grandma was living, we would sit in the lawn chairs on the porch. One day we looked out and Talulah was sitting in the lawn chair! Once, the chair was folded up and laying on the porch and she still laid on it. She is a silly, but very smart dog.

I have another funny story (I could go on and on about Talulah). My grandma had been in the hospital but had got out. My mom and grandma went to visit some friends. Talulah didn't know that I was home, so she wondered where every one was. I looked out the den window and she stood up and put her paws on the mirrors and looked inside the car and then went around to the front and put her paws on the hood so she could look in the dash. I don't think some people realize how smart dogs really are.

After my grandma passed away, you could tell that Talulah knew that she wasn't around but I couldn't tell her that she wasn't coming back home.